Busy schedule

Wasn’t able to write blog last night with the bandage on. Is still tricky, so will keep it short.

Multi-layer Lymphoedema bandage


Hands up who has heard of Endothelium?

Neither had I. The doctor spoke about it a bit and seemed frustrated/disappointed that so few knew about it. He reckoned only about 1 in 200 doctors have any appreciation of it. I gather it is a layer within blood and lymph vessels that has a lot to do with lymphoedema. He said stress affects 50% of it. Not sure what to make of all this. The takeaway I got was to take steps to reduce stress.

Perometer Measurement

I was expecting this to be a machine to measure my arms. But it turned out to be recording my height and weight and taking photos of my upper body in front of a blue screen.


I had an hour with the MLD therapist. She had received the doctor’s report by the time I got to her. (It’s a very efficient place). Doc says I am stressed, apparently! She just had time for arm measurements, plenty of discussion about my arm and then she did the bandaging. She says she will do some deep work around my elbow where there is fibrosis – “it’s like jelly”. She also spotted that my shoulder is not sitting right. It has been like this since my surgery and I wondered whether this contributes to the Lymphoedema. She said of course it does! It is restricting lymph flow and we can work on it.

Remedial Exercise Group

We all have to go to 2 group exercise sessions per day. You have to bring your form along and have it signed off. They re fairly gentle 30 minute sessions, but they do work all the muscles and joints.

That’s all for now. I have a busy day today and there are some optional extra activities that I’m going to.

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