Fionn from Wexford

Fionn’s mum writes:

We are from Wexford. Fionn is now 9 months old. I bring him privately once a week for MLD.

I did look into getting this paid for by HSE but they won’t cover it as it’s a therapy. We attend Crumlin for his Lymphoedema and he gets socks via the occupational therapy department in Crumlin (HSE).

We attend regularly as he is growing at a rapid rate and grows out of compression socks. 

He was born with primary lymphoedema and microcaphy. Genetic bloods were carried out and he has a rare genetic disorder called KIF11.

Currently he is meeting all his milestones and is the most happy cheerful baby. He has a brother and two sisters who absolutely adore him and they have definitely brought him to where he is today.