Foldi Clinic – Day 1

Last week we had reports from one of our members in the Wittlinger clinic in Austria.

This week we are receiving updates from Susan who is in the Foldi clinic in Germany.

Note that these reports are the personal experiences of members who live in Ireland with lymphoedema and have travelled abroad for treatment.

Legs bandaged
Susan’s legs bandaged in Foldi Clinic

Day 1 in Germany and I’m bandaged for the first time. This is how I will be for the next 5 weeks. I’m feckin raging at my own government and the HSE. The doctors here can’t believe how bad my Lymphoedema is, can’t believe I’ve been refused access to their care for 5 years and actually laughed when they saw the compression garments I was wearing. Laughed! Anyway none of shoes I brought fit, so this elf is off to meet the shoemaker!