Gift Ideas for Lymphies

Got a Lymphie in your life and wondering what would make a great Christmas gift?  Read on!

Look Good, Feel Good

It can be hard for people with Lymphoedema to get clothes to fit.  Here are some great tips from members and friends on Facebook.

BootBand, Lotion, Wide leg trousersBoot Band – this is a piece of extra material that you can zip into your boots to make more space around the calf.  This sounds like a winner!

Palazzo Pants [drape-y wide leg trousers] – as written about by Wendy in our Autumn Member Newsletter – can be very stylish as well as practical.  Some people on Facebook said they’d like nice jeans.  Get a gift receipt if you decide to do this! 😉

Vouchers for MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage shouldn’t be a treat, it is a requirement.  But sometimes life and finances get in the way.  Vouchers for MLD should be very welcome. You can find a list of certified MLD therapists at MLD Ireland.

If you have lymphoedema, good skin care is essential.  However, some perfumed body lotions can actually dry the skin.  Aveeno and E45 are good and not that expensive.  Do try to have a chat with your Lymphie to see what has been recommended for them.   Lotions and creams with a pump dispenser or ones you can squirt are better than ones you dip your hand into [as these could increase risk of infection].

Move Move Move

walking poles, swimsuit, goggles, mittens, hat
Exercise is great for Lymphoedema.

Exercise is one of the key pillars of treatment for Lymphoedema.  Does your Lymphie like to swim or walk?  How about some new swimming accessories like goggles or a new pair of pool shoes or togs?  For walkers, a new pair of walking shoes or trainers would be welcome.  For the cold weather, some mittens  or a hat would come in useful. [Mittens would be easier than gloves for arm/hand Lymphoedema].

Walking with Nordic Poles is highly recommended for Lymphoedema.  [Aldi and Lidl have good value ones at various times during the year].

Laughing and Singing

Who doesn’t like a good laugh?  Well as it happens, deep belly-breathing is really good for Lymphoedema.   See the link below for diaphragmatic breathing exercises.  But there’s no harm in adding lots of laughter and singing to your self-care routine!

So how about tickets to comedy gigs near you?  Or a comedy DVD?

Singing also involves lots of diaphragmatic breathing.  The Association of Irish Choirs has a notice board with choirs seeking members.   So how about offering to join a choir with your Lymphie friend?  Or how about a Karaoke machine for the family?!?  That should cover both singing and laughing.

Other Recommendations

One member recommended a foam roller after it was used on her at a specialist Lymphoedema Clinic in Germany.  Talk to your therapist before you try this at home!

Somebody asked for easy-on compression stockings.  Not sure if there is such a thing!  But, there are donning and doffing aids available which can help with getting the stockings on.  We can’t recommend particular devices or companies, unfortunately.  But maybe you could offer to fund or part-fund one which your Lymphie can discuss with his or her therapist.

Sellers of various garments and devices will be at our next Open Day on March 10th.  Put the date in your diary!

Parents and Carers

Let’s not forget the parents of children with Lymphoedema.  They deserve a lot of love, appreciation and pampering!