Lymphoedema “ULTRA” Drug Trial

An Extraordinary Glimmer of Hope

The “ULTRA” drug trial for Lymphoedema patients in US and Australia

In this video, Dr Stanley Rockson of Stanford University and Dr Joanne Quan of Eiger Biopharmaceuticals talk about the upcoming phase 2 trial of a drug called Ubenimex for patients with Lymphoedema. This particular trial will take place in the USA and Australia.

Dr Rockson has been working with the Lymphoedema community for 25 years. He describes this work on a drug as an “extraordinary glimmer of hope” and may be a “big breakthrough”.

In the video, he talks about how he identified Lymphoedema as an inflammatory disease in the skin structure rather than a “plumbing problem”. He explains that people get Lymphoedema when they have a ‘faulty repair system’ and this has potential to be treated systemically with a drug.

He talks about how he first did drug trials with mice and found a good response to drug treatment.

Joanne then talks about how the “ULTRA” drug trial they are running on humans with primary and secondary leg Lymphoedema in the USA and Australia. She says they may do trials in Europe in future phases.

You can take the Study Screener to see if you qualify for this drug trial – you would need to be in the USA or Australia – see link below. If you don’t qualify now, you can add yourself to their contact list and you may qualify for a future trial.