Open Day 2017 Feedback

Lymphoedema Ireland held its open day in the Ashling Hotel in Dublin on Saturday, 25th March. The event was well attended with over 120 people coming along from all parts of the country and Northern Ireland.

Feedback forms were given out as it’s important to the committee to know what people think of the Open Days.   In particular, it is useful to know if the venue is suitable and if the topics are of interest.  The forms had 2 questions and a free area for comments or suggestions. 36 forms were filled out and returned.

Suitability of Venue and Topics

  • 35 out of the 36 said they thought the Ashling Hotel was suitable for future open days
  • 35 out of the 36 said the topics were of interest

Open Comments

The open comments fell mainly into the categories of suggestions for topics for future open days, suggestions for ongoing Lymphoedema Ireland activities and some praise and complaints.

Suggested topics for future open days

Exercise was the most requested topic for the next Open Day.  This was followed by a desire for presentations on lipoedema, primary lymphoedema and a demo on SLD [Simple lymphatic drainage].

Suggestions for other Lymphoedema Ireland activities

Other suggestions generally related to the website, awareness and support.


People said they’d like to see the following in the website or blog:

  • Dr Oberlin’s slides
  • Links to issues and methods of treatment
  • Links to YouTube videos


In relation to awareness, people said they wanted to see better education of our doctors, more public knowledge, including national and local press coverage.  There was also a request for more awareness for men with prostate cancer and lymphoedema.


People also wanted to see more integrated services, local support groups and one person suggested 2 meetings a year.

Praise & Complaints

People also wanted to share other comments about what was good and bad on the day.


11 people put up their hands to volunteer at the AGM.  We have been in touch with each of these already. If you missed your chance and would like to help the committee, please let us know by filling out this short form: