The Dress Up Box

Welcome to the first opening of the Dress Up Box! This aims to be a regular column/blog about dressing stylishly, looking and feeling good with Lymphoedema.

My name is Wendy, I’m a designer and I have lower limb Lymphoedema. I’m not a fashion designer, I work in a different part of the design industry, but I have a lifelong interest in fashion and style. I believe that there are some common design principles that can be brought to bear on the issues affecting all of us with swollen limbs who want to look stylish and elegant, and most importantly, feel good!

Having only recently been diagnosed, I’m only in compression for the last six months, so I certainly don’t have a huge amount of answers for anyone at this stage. I need to know more about the issues facing those of you with swelling in different areas of the body too. So I need your input, my aim is that this Dress Up Box should contain all sorts of issues or problems about what to wear, what works and what doesn’t.

So I’m going to kick this off with a solution AND a problem. Last summer, my first in compression was, I have to say, a bit of a challenge (add in the menopause and you have a whole other slew of climate change complications!).

I found these trousers from French Connection and lived in them all summer. 

Lala Palm Drape Wide Leg Trousers from French Connection

The fabric is very light but not flimsy, it drapes quite well and held its shape through numerous washes (did shrink a little first time). What’s important is that, being kinda silky, though not shiny, it didn’t catch on my compression garments like all my old cotton trousers did. They look fine with a white cotton t-shirt and a denim jacket and I also wore them for work with a more formal black blouse.

So now my problem: a wedding, two in fact in the near future. Do I aim to get something that works with my solid black compression tights or wear regular sheer tights over the nude coloured compression garment on the bad leg? Anyone tried that before?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, like all good Dress Up Boxes this should have something for everyone to take away — no matter what your style or shape!


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