Treatment Abroad for Lymphoedema

We put an FOI [Freedom of Information] request to the HSE to find out how many people have applied for treatment abroad for lymphoedema and lipoedema in the last 3 years and at what cost.  We also asked how many were approved and how many were refused.

Below is the information they supplied in relation to lymphoedema.  They have no records of any applications in relation to lipoedema.

We know that people have been accepted on the TAS scheme by the Foldi clinic in Germany and the Wittlinger clinic in Austria.  If you know of other clinics that accept people on the TAS scheme, please do let us know.

The TAS scheme is open to all Irish citizens, whether you have a medical card or not.  However, it is difficult to get through the application process.  You will need a consultant in a public hospital to refer you for the treatment abroad.  Typically, your consultant will have to write multiple letters.  If you have health insurance, you will need a letter from your company to say that they will not cover the treatment abroad.

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